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Thanks for joining us on the quest to Sow. Give. Grow.

This project should not take a great deal of extra energy on your behalf but the results will be fabulous.

When you are preparing your own seedlings for the upcoming growing season, plant out a few extras in newspaper seedling containers or anything reusable or recyclable. These can then be delivered to others. You may choose to leave these anonymously at someone’s door or letterbox, or drop them randomly in a public place to be found and taken home.

The idea of the project is it to provide seasonal food to others and hopefully encourage them to begin growing their own.

Please consider sharing seedlings that can be used throughout the season such as leafy greens, bean, peas, tomatoes and herbs. This will allow the grower to get a great deal of use from the plant.

When your seedlings are ready to be released to the world, print a copy of the instructions for the recipient and attach these to the seedling pot.

Once you have dropped your seedling, take a photo or two and email these with a little explanation of 

  • who you are
  • what type of seedling you sowed
  • when and where you left this edible gift. 

These will be posted onto the blog for the recipient to comment if they choose to do so.

Thank you once again for taking part.