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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trans-plant 29

Wanted to let you know 10 packs of sunflower seeds have been dispatched in Melbourne and Woodend.  Such a fun project, I felt pretty conspicuous taking photos, but it’s great to be a little silly sometimes. 


Another packet of seeds has been found. Woohoo!
Read all about it here.


fee said...

Hello Sow Give Grow...found a special package at Ethiad staduim yesterday Sat July 24 2011...thanx for the Sunflower seeds lovelies!!!Great idea!! Looking forward to my new garden feautre!! Such a lovely cool banana thang u hotties are doing!!! keep it up!!

Kirsty said...

Aw! that is too sweet. Daughter and dad made last 2 deposits of sunflower seeds on a return visit to Etihad stadium yesterday - I'll post the pics on my blog soon. They will be so pleased someone found them. Think we will keep it up! Cool bananas indeed!

Kirsty said...

Hey Fee, so excited you found the seeds. Think they might have been on a giant baked bean tin? So footy goers do like sunflowers! 10 year old girl who stuck them there is very proud, she had a lovely day out with her dad at the footy, team has won two weeks in a row! Very cool bananas and we will keep up the seed deliveries - much joy had in the depositing of secret treasures to be found.