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Monday, September 19, 2011

Trans-plant 38

Over the weekend I was busy trans-planting little seeds packets around the streets of Kreuzberg and at Hello Etsy. I hope that many of these dill, parsley and lemon balm seeds found a new home and will be planted.

Did you find any of these packs? We would love for you to tell us about where you found your pack and what you thought.

Take care


Über das Wochenende war ich damit beschäftigt trans-Pflanzung kleinen Samen-Pakete in den Straßen von Kreuzberg und am Hello Etsy. Ich hoffe, dass viele dieser Dill, Petersiliegefunden und Zitronenmelisse Samen ein neues Zuhause und gepflanzt werden.

Haben Sie eines dieser Packs? Wir würden uns für Sie Liebe zu uns, wo Sie finden Ihren Rucksack und was Sie dachten, zu erzählen.



Monday, September 5, 2011

Trans-plant 37 - Giving Day continued

Margo has been busy at the her local farmers' market leaving some gorgeous seeds.

Did you happen to pick up one of these? We would love to know what you thought.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trans-plant 36 - Giving Day continued

I am just about to head our with 24 seed packets for Giving Day. The plan is to drop these is various locations around Berlin. Therre are 8 packets each of parsley, dill and lemon balm.

If you find one of these, we would to know where you found it and what you thought.

Take care


Ich bin gerade dabei, unsere mit 24 Samentüten für Giving Day Kopf. Der Plan ist, fallendiese ist verschiedenen Orten in Berlin. Therre sind 8 Pakete jeweils Petersilie, Dill und Zitronenmelisse.

Wenn Sie eine dieser stoßen, würden wir wissen, wo Sie es gefunden, und was man denkt.



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trans-plant 35 - Giving Day Begins

Dixiebelle has been out and about getting into the spirit of giving.

Head over here to read all about her little adventure.

It looks like she had a great time.

If you found one of these packets, we would love for you to leave a comment on this post. Just say hello and tell us what you thought.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trans-plant 34

Out and about in Kreuzberg again and some little packets of parsley were left to be found.  I hope these were found.

Unterwegs in Kreuzberg wieder und einige kleine Päckchen mit Petersilieblieben gefunden werden. Ich hoffe, diese gefunden wurden.

Take care


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trans-plant 33

With no printer, and no envelopes left, I found a great little tutorial for origami envelopes. After folding some paper and writing a little bilingual message (with the help of Google Translate - my new best friend) we headed off to leave some Petersilie (parsley) seeds while on our evening walk through the parks and markets of Kreuzberg, Berlin.

If you picked up one of these packets, we would love to hear from you through the comments at the end of this post.

Take care


One of the five seed packets
Einer der fünf Samentüten

Mit kein Drucker und keine Umschläge links, fand ich eine tolle kleine Anleitung fürOrigami-Umschläge. Nach der Faltung etwas Papier und schrieb ein kleineszweisprachiges Nachricht (mit der Hilfe von Google Translate - mein neuer bester Freund) fuhren wir ab, einige Petersilie (Petersilie) Samen während unserer abendlichen Spaziergang durch die Parks und Märkte Kreuzberg, Berlin zu verlassen.

Wenn Sie abgeholt eines dieser Pakete, würden wir uns freuen von Ihnen durch dieKommentare am Ende von diesem Post zu hören.



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trans-plant 32

This was really done over 2 days but the locations were so similar that I thought I could get away with one post.

These packets of DIll seeds were left on benches along the canal in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Yours in sneakiness


PS I hope a few of you are getting ready for the next Giving Day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trans-plant 31

A number of seed pack containing dill seeds were left around the Kreuzberg area, in Berlin by Bruisemouse and family. We know that at least one pack was picked up (or at least blew away) but hope that all packs are taken home and planted.

Google Translate
Eine Reihe von Saatgut Packung mit Dill Samen wurden rund um den KreuzbergBereich verlassen, in Berlin durch Bruisemouse und Familie. Wir wissen, dassmindestens eine einpacken abgeholt wurde (oder zumindest weggeblasen), aberhoffe, dass alle Packungen nach Hause genommen und gepflanzt.

We would love to know if you found any of these.

Wir würden gerne wissen, ob Sie eines dieser gefunden.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trans-plant 30

Out and about for the day in Paris and we trans-planted some packets of Sage and Basil seeds. Hopefully, even with my very limited French, these little packets get taken home and planted.

If you happen to pick up one of the 12 packets, please leave a comment to tell us all where you found it and what you thought.

Google Translate
Sur le terrain pour la journée à Paris et nous trans-planté quelques paquets de graines de basilic et de sauge. Espérons que, même avec mon français très limité, ces petits paquets se prendre la maison et planté.
S'il vous arrive de ramasser l'un des 12 paquets, s'il vous plaît laisser un commentairepour nous dire où vous avez trouvé toutes les elle et ce que vous pensiez.

Take care


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trans-plant 29

Wanted to let you know 10 packs of sunflower seeds have been dispatched in Melbourne and Woodend.  Such a fun project, I felt pretty conspicuous taking photos, but it’s great to be a little silly sometimes. 


Another packet of seeds has been found. Woohoo!
Read all about it here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spring into Sowing

With Spring not not far away in the southern hemisphere, many of you will be getting seedlings underway for your beautiful new season vegetables. This is a great time to think about the 'trans-plants' you could be doing in early September. We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to have another Giving Day on 1 September. Who's in?

If you aren't too sure what you should be planting at this time of year, no matter which hemisphere you are in, head over to some of the links in the sidebar that give great planting calendars.

It will be really exciting to see how many people think they might like to join in. Why not leave a little message letting everyone know that you would like to play. You might even already know what you will be planting.

Remember that enthusiasm is contagious, so please spread the word.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trans-plant 28

I just wanted to let you know that the daughters and I had an action packed morning dropping off half a dozen seed packets around the place (North-west Melbourne outskirts). Have posted about it on the blog

This was SO much fun, I can't wait to try it with actual newspaper pots...


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sharing with 720ABC

This morning I headed into the ABC studios here in Perth to be interviewed by the wonderful Roots and Shoots team. James, Sabrina and Olivia were so welcoming and excited to hear about Sow. Give. Grow.

There has been a great response this morning following the chat.

I hope that those of you who listened feel enthused to join in the fun.

Take care

Friday, July 8, 2011

Trans-plant 27

I trans-planted 5 more Cape Gooseberries while on a little trip to East Perth.
I hope these all manage to get rehomed.
Are you the new owner of one of these little plants? Which one did you find? Where was it?


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trans-plant 26

I left a pack of Rocket seed on the table in the cafe in Nanango Foodworks yesterday. I took a photo with my phone. I do hope they go to a good home, I have been giving away seeds/seedlings for a long time and am running out of victims... I mean recipients LOL
Judi B

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trans-plant 25

Hi, I left two packets of Poor Man’s Beans at Nanango markets this morning.  I got a bit shy and didn’t take a photo of where I left them!  They were next to the toilet block.  I didn’t see if anyone took them, so I hope they found a nice new home today.

WARNING: If you are the lucky recipient of one of these fabulous packets, look at what you have to look forward to. It's a biggie.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Trans-plant 24 - Giving Day

Hello there.
I have just returned from trans-planting 10 little Cape Gooseberry seedlings. I hope that they are all on their way to a new home.
If you happened to find one of these and take it home, I would love to hear from you: either send me an email or add a comment to this post. It would be great to find out which one/s you found and what were your initial thoughts.

I had a great time going around and dropping these around the northern suburbs of Perth.

Yours in sneakiness


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday the First

It has been wonderful to have so many positive comments coming through about the idea behind Sow. Give. Grow.

We were thinking that to really kick-start things, we could have a Giving Day. Get yourself prepared.

The plan is that on Friday 1st July seeds and seedling will be trans-planted all over the world. We would  love for you, the Sowers and Givers, to mark this day in your diary.

If you are unsure of how to get started, read all about being a Sower or a Giver and join in the fun.

Once you have trans-planted your seeds or seedlings, take a photo and then email it to us, making sure to include

  • who you are
  • where you left your seeds or seedling
  • when you trans-planted

We look forward to sharing your adventure with other through the blog.

Take care

Bruisemouse and J

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trans-plant 23

Hi Guys, So I guess you've heard I've done my Trans-plant. It was FUN! I felt really nervous leaving my little package behind and I do wonder all the time if anyone ever claimed it. I hope so, hope it's snug somewhere in someones garden! Be nice to hear from them. I was hoping for a photo to stick on my post today too, but it did not eventuate, have you ever had one of those moments when your all geared up for the shot of the year and your camera batteries die.. :( Just Plain Old Bad Luck! I was so mad and nearly didn't leave it but I went to the mountain for a purpose and I did my little job. I sowed, I gave and now I hope it will grow! I'm hoping to do another one soon anyway, maybe even a couple and I'll make sure I get some snaps over to you. Happy Growing!

Sower - Gooseberry Jam
A sugar snap seedling was left on a picnic table at the Tambourine Mountain Botanical Gardens, Queensland, Australia.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Trans-plant 22

Givers - Bruismouse and Roxy
These pea seeds were dropped at the Carine Glades Shopping Centre, Duncraig, Western Australia on Monday 6 June.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trans-plant 21

Givers - Bruismouse and family
These coriander seedlings were dropped at the Mt Claremont Farmers Market, Western Australia on Saturday 4 June.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trans-plant 20

Givers - Bruisemouse and Family
These pea seeds were left at the Grove Library, Peppermint Grove, Western Australia.

Trans-plant 19

Givers - Bruismouse and family
These pea seeds were dropped at the Mt Claremont Farmers Market, Western Australia on Saturday 21 May.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trans-plant 18

Givers - Bruisemouse and Roxy464646
Three seed packets were left at the Carine Glades Shopping Centre in Duncraig, Western Australia.

Trans-plant 17

Sowers - Bruisemouse and Roxy464646.
This pack of rocket seedlings was left in Newham Park in Kingsley, Western Australia.

Trans-plant 16

Sowers - Bruisemouse and Roxy464646
This pea seedling was left near the entrance to Shepherds Bush Reserve in Kingsley, Western Australia.